Prayer Chain

May the Lord bless our congregation and our group as we prayerfully support all who request our assistance with pleas to the heavens for concerns, requests and thanks to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

PLEASE PRAY FOR: Brian Carver, Jenna Elkow, Jason Legacy, Larry MacKay, Lilian Huber, Doreen Christianson, Lodie Hales and Barbera Benson.


A Special Thank You to Brian Brownlee for his faithful mailing of Grace Services to myself while I am ill with the flu bug. Much appreciated. Thank You.


Please prayerfully consider being a part of our group by providing your name, phone and/or box # along with preferred times to contact you. We have 10 current members to the best of my knowledge and could certainly use more. We would like to discuss how we may alter the communication regarding prayer request circulation. I am once again proposing an in person meeting between the services and following the 11 am service at Grace at some point in the near future. Please watch for notices posted at the church. Thank you.


NOTE: Our Morinville Bible Study is on hold for the time being based on the flu! We are looking at Wednesday evening to start up again, hopefully by mid February.


In HIS service: Lorraine Kalmbach: Telephone: 780 278-8662

email: Mailbox #92








































Prayer Chain