Prayer Chain


When we pray for another person, either by request or as an individual feeling of need or thankfulness, we are filled with peace as we know that God hears us. When we pray as a group, we share Christian caring and fellowship with one another. We are lifted up even as we lift up the people in need and thanksgiving.

Our Lord promises HE will take care of us, we need only believe. Too often we find ourselves attempting to solve our problems or concerns with all types of assistance from professionals and friends. Not to say assistance is not forthcoming and can be of a great deal of help and comfort. But what of the FATHER, SON & Holy Spirit who Hear our Prayer, answer our prayers always, perhaps not in the way we would like or want but always in the way that we need. Our Father in Heaven knows what we need, knows our hearts and our innermost secrets. Only HE can take us to Heaven to be with HIM when we leave this earth and only HE can lead us in the path of righteousness and support us in loving our neighbors as HE loves us.

Our Grace Prayer Chain is founded on Christian Love and Caring. When I met Gertha so many years ago, I knew she was a prayer warrior then as she is now. It is with joy and thankfulness that I accept her invitation to be of assistance. We know personally what a small and silent prayer can do when uttered in absolute helplessness and Faith. Our Lord hears us and we are thankful that we can worship publicly and pray for our Faith family members without recrimination.

There is great power in prayer and our group feels the power of the Spirit when we pray. Please help us to continue to be of service to all who request prayer.

Please add your name and telephone number to our list in order that we might continue with Christian Fellowship and lifting our hearts and minds to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In HIS service

Lorraine Kalmbach





















Prayer Chain