Prayer Chain


From:  Lutheran Hour Ministries


Being a part of the body of Christ means you receive what Christ has to give.  One thing He gives a lot of is words-- instructions, advice, some warnings, promises-- lots of words.  In fact John often calls Christ the Word because God speaks to us through Him.  Do we want to know what God is thinking and what He has to say?    Listen to Him in the Bible.  I know you can read the Bible by yourself but the words in that Book will lead you to Christ and Christ leads you to people.  Once again, you are not really alone.

The Bible can be more easily understood if you hear it and talk over its message with other Christians.  People learn from each other as they share their own understanding of God’s love. Finally, when you hear what Christ asks you to do, you know you can’t do it by yourself.

But when you hear Him talking to an entire body with many hands, many legs and hearts, you know you and other people together can get the job done.

We are aware of two new Home Bible Studies in operation and would like to add another to the list.  We are initially meeting in St Albert with the knowledge that others will join us as they see fit in their search for guidance, fellowship, knowledge and the Peace that Passes Understanding.  Our weekly meeting day/evening has yet to be finalized. More info to follow – Please call me at 780 278-8662 & Please Pray for us.

Please also pray for Bob Baron and family, Jenna Elkow,s health, Elizabeth Decorby, John Deng from the Sudanese congregation, Kevin who passed away’s family, Pastor Eifert and his Ministry, Ruth Charest, Brian Carver, Bob Baron, Lorna Olson, Barbara Benson, Dennis Halas, Marlene Preece, Greg Brown, Sage Fuhr’s family, Bernice Zapf’s niece Lynn, Jane, Ethan Laport and parents, Marg Brown’s son Greg and Brad Colghoon. Please also pray for Lorraine Kruitbosch and family in the passing of her mother and Ron Kalmbach and family in the passing of his wife Darlene.

Please pray for our congregation, Pastor’s, Leaders and Members that the Lord leads us in the way that we should go.  Please also pray for our Call Committee, new Bible Study Groups, Children’s Work and those who are lonely, lost and in need.   In HIS Name we pray, A-men, come Lord Jesus.

Please Prayerfully consider being a part of our Group by providing your name, phone, mailbox number and preferred times to contact you.In HIS Service. May our Lord bless and keep you all, Always in His care.  Lorraine Kalmbach

Telephone: 780 278-8662 email:  or  Box #92



































Prayer Chain