Prayer Chain

November 2018  

Acts Ch. 1 Vs. 6-9 and Psalm 145 Vs. 1 – 13
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Acts 1:8

Because we are sinners who are born and raised in a corrupt world, our perspective on power is skewed.  The concept that “to the victor belong the spoils” is ingrained in us. In sports, the strongest or fastest gets the gold. In politics, the most popular wins the office.  At work, the most ambitious gets the promotion.

*Because of our perspective, we often bring this worldly approach inside the Church.  This happens whenever we start looking at whether we are “good enough” or not.  Thankfully, God does not deal with His Church in such a manner.  We are not in the Church because we are wealthy or powerful, but because we are broken and poor.  We do not have to prove ourselves, but we come as we are.  The Church is Jesus’ Kingdom of grace, in which He deals with His children through love and forgiveness.

*When we see how powerless we are to make ourselves right with God, the power of the Holy Spirit becomes most evident. Jesus takes us, who have rebelled against Him, and picks us up, dusts us off and restores us by His grace.  This He does freely, making us worthy purely on account of His love and mercy.

O Lord, King of the Church, shower Your Spirit upon us, that we may have Your eternal peace. Amen.

PLEASE PRAY FOR our congregation, Pastor’s, Leaders and Members that the Lord lead us in the way that we should go. Please also pray for our Bible Study Groups, Children’s Work,  The Rock, their Clients and Volunteers, Brian Carver, Alice Goebel, Dorothy Appelt,  Tanakeel Kay, Jenna Elkow, Jason Legacy, Pastor Larry, Sherron Wright, Lilian Huber, Bernice Zapf, Bruce Eidick, Doreen Christianson and Greg Brown. We lift up those who are lonely, lost and in need of Saving Grace. In HIS Name we pray. Amen, Come Lord Jesus.

Please prayerfully consider being a part of our PRAYER CHAIN by providing your name, e-mail, phone #, mailbox # and preferred times to contact you.

SOS – May we please get together as a Group to discuss the various roles and responsibilities of the Prayer Chain? I am away for a time in Texas but will be available again on Sunday Oct. 28 or Sun. Nov. 4 after the 11 am Service. 

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Prayer Chain