Grace Lutheran Church

April Article 2018
THURDAY- PASSOVER LAST SUPPER: Mathew Ch 26 v 17-30, Mark Ch 14 Vs 12-26, Luke Ch 22 Vs 7-23, John Ch 13 Vs 1-30
FRIDAY - CRUCIFIXION: Matthew Ch. 27 Vs 1-66. Mark Ch. 15 1-47, Luke Ch. 22 Vs 66 & Ch 23 Vs 56, John Ch. 18 Vs 28 & Ch. 19 Vs 37
FRIDAY – IN THE TOMB: Mark Ch 27 Vs 57 – 61 Ch 15 Vs 42 -47, Luke Ch 23 Vs 50 – 56 & John Ch 19 Vs 38 – 42
SUNDAY – RESURRECTION: Matthew Ch 28 Vs 1-13, Mark Ch 16 Vs 1-20, Luke Ch 24 Vs 1-49 & John Ch 20 Vs 1-31
Early in the morning, women went to the tomb and found that the stone closing the tomb’s entrance had been rolled back. An angel told them Jesus was alive and gave them a message. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in the garden, to Peter, to two disciples on the road, to Emmaus and later that day to all the disciples except Thomas. HIS Resurrection was established as a fact.
Please pray for: Brian Carver, Bob Baron, Lorna Olson, Barbara Benson, Dennis Halas, Marlene Preece, Greg Brown, Sage Fuhr and family, Ken Eifert, Bernice Zapf’s niece Lynn, Jane, Ethan Laport and parents, Marg Brown’s son Greg and Brad Colghoon. Please also pray for Lorraine Kruitbosch and family in the passing of her mother and Ron Kalmbach and family in the passing of his wife Darlene.
Please also pray for our children, Grandchildren and friends who may or may not be attending Christian Services regularly. Please remind them of their roots and of the sacrifice of Your Beloved Son that all who believe will one day be with You in Paradise. Please also pray for those of us who still retain symptoms of the viral flu that affected many of us last November, December, January and February. A-men, come Lord Jesus.
Please Prayerfully consider being a part of our Group by providing your name, phone or mailbox number and preferred times to contact you.
In HIS Service.
May our Lord bless and keep you all,
Always in His care.
Lorraine Kalmbach































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