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  • Some Good Things That Happened in 2020!

    January 19, 2021

    Some Good Things That Happened in 2020! 


      2020.  Was it all bad? 
    There was certainly no shortage of conversations going on about how bad 2020 was and how we just can't wait to start a new year. And yes, life dramatically changed for so many and that is heartbreaking. But unexpected crisis pregnancies did not stop. And the difficulties were only magnified as isolation, due to Covid, became a big part of what these individuals had to conquer. 
    Our mission, "to be a companion through pregnancy, parenting, and post-abortive care" had to continue.  Even though we had to pack up our desks in March to work from home, God continued to show us ways to meet the needs of our clients,  physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
    Looking Back at 2020 
    • 232 women and their families were served by our programs
    • 1200 + connections were made
    • 257 packages of baby items were created
    • 58+ babies were born 
    • Over $7000 in gift cards (from you) were given to families in need over Christmas 
    • 25 women bravely took the first steps towards healing from their abortion decision 
    • 7 women completed the 10-week healing program for Abortion Recovery

    Looking forward to 2021
    We are still in the pandemic and are unsure of how this year will unfold.  Guess what?   We are OK with uncertainty because 2020 blindsided us and we constantly found ourselves praising God for the blessings He bestowed upon us!  We know with all of our hearts that He is with us in 2021!
    • Baby Bottle Campaign starts February 14th (yes -  on Valentines Day)
    • Walk4Hope  in June (stay tuned we hope to be Walking4Hope in person again this year)
    • Our Barrhead Centre is growing. They are moving into a larger space and we are actively pursuing a longtime dream of opening a Maternity Home. 

    Our clients' lives are impacted by your support.
    A big shout out to all who support our ministry by
     donations, prayers, and time!!
    You are making a difference.