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    March 20, 2016
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  • Lutheran Historical Institute

    March 29, 2014

    The Lutheran Historical Institute is housed at the Alberta-British Columbia District office of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC) on the campus of Concordia University College of Alberta.  Records held at the Lutheran Historical Institute (LHI) begin around 1892 and include administrative records and photographs of the Synodical office of LCC, the Alberta-British Columbia District of LCC, the Central District of LCC, and a number of congregations, Concordia University College of Alberta, Concordia Lutheran Seminary Edmonton, Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, Lutheran Layman’s League, Lutheran Association of Missionary Pilots, personal papers of officers, professors, pastors and laypersons.  The Special Collections library consists of books, periodicals and various publications relating to the history of Lutheranism in North America dating from the 1500’s.  The holdings also include a number of artifacts and audiovisual materials.

    Mission Statement

    To encourage discovery of the foundations of the Lutheran faith in Canada, the Lutheran Historical Institute serves the Lutheran Church-Canada, its congregations, institutions and communities by:

    • acquiring and preserving the cultural properties of relevance to Lutheran Church-Canada
    • fostering cumulative memory
    • protecting vital records
    • promoting Lutheran heritage    
    • making the holdings available to those interested through research and exhibits.

    Vision Statement

    The purpose of the Lutheran Historical Institute is to foster the study of Lutheranism in Canada, provide a Canadian perspective to Lutheran studies in North American and world Lutheranism and to bring LHI into the mainstream of academic life at Concordia University of Alberta and Concordia Lutheran Seminary.


    Please consider joining us and becoming a member.  Your membership assists LHI in helping to preserve the past for better understanding of the present and for planning for the future.

    Individual Membership            $20.00

    Congregational Membership $100.00



    If you would like to join us in preserving this collection please contact us at 780 474-8156 for details.