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    Pastor's Page - April 2018

    March 18, 2018

    How’s your love life these days? I remember hearing that question as a child, and squirming with the implied romantic involvement. I don’t squirm so much any more! And a marriage filled with love is truly a lovely gift.

    But there is more to love than romance. Giving and receiving love is a part of how we function as human beings. In 1958, C.S. Lewis gave a series of radio talks on the various types of love that were later developed into a book called “The Four Loves.” In it, he writes of storge,  the empathy bond, philia the love between friends (think “philadelphia; the city of brotherly love”) eros,  the erotic bond, and agape, which is unconditional, God-love.

    God is love. This verse fragment from 1 John 4 is a profound and powerful statement. When we love, we are participating in God, involving ourselves in God, being filled with God. When we experience a need for love, that need is bound up in our need for God. And during this season of Easter, we are witnesses of the greatest act of love the world has ever known; the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

    How do you give and receive love?

    During this season of Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and the life that is exploding into our world through Him, I invite you to contemplate your love life. 

    How is God filling you with his love these days? And how might the fullness of your heart overflow in acts of love to the people he has planted you among?

    This spring, as the days lengthen and the sun strengthens, I invite you to abide in the extravagant, fierce love of Jesus, and may that flood overflow your banks!

    With love from all of us to all of you,
    Pastor Curtis, Andrea, Kara, Jonas, and Judah Boehm

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