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    Pastor's Page - July 2015

    June 19, 2015

    When you get an “E” for effort it suggests you’ve at least tried but likely didn’t do all that well.  When the needle on your fuel gauge reaches “E” you know you’re being warned and not commended.  I’ve heard that with the price of gas up and down of late some people are investing in only half a tank hoping the price will go down.  Should they run out of gas in rush hour they may find themselves hoping there’s enough fumes to coast into the next service station.  Maybe you’ve been there, done that, but hoped in vain.

    I wonder over summer how often some Christians may run close to empty hoping to coast through until the fall.  Maybe they don’t live in Edmonton because apparently they’re not anticipating any road construction in their lives, no unscheduled stops or detours that might put a strain on their faith.  While off on vacation most would make sure their gas tank was full and the car safe to drive so why would we treat daily living any differently?  

    What about our faith and fuel for our soul?  Of this much we can be sure, the price isn’t going up.  It was, “Paid in full,” at Calvary. The mileage is better than any hybrid on the market taking us all the way to heaven sometimes through the most extreme and challenging of road conditions.   Dare we put faith on hold?  Will it grow stronger or weaker away from God’s Word, the fellowship of worship, and the feast of our Lord’s Table? 

    We will make time for many things over the summer months like traveling to see friends, visiting new places, simply relaxing in the yard or out by the lake.  What time will we make for something as brief and simple as a daily devotion?  Can we find an hour for worship and a place to do so while on vacation or is that   going to take up just too much time?  Will we feast at the Lord’s Table regularly or choose only to fill up on Sunday brunches and barbecues?

    Running on empty is never a safe way to travel in summer or winter – spiritually or otherwise!  Make time this summer to refuel regularly – filling up on God’s Word, talking with Him in prayer, and feasting at the Saviour’s banquet table.

    Pastor Larry

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