Board of Church Properties


Well summer is upon us and the weather in Edmonton, like usual, is gorgeous one day and not the next, so enjoy the good days.


The first weekend in June we did the spring cleaning.  Turnout wasn’t quite as good as past years but still we had over 10 out on the Saturday.  The kitchen was cleaned, windows washed, the flower beds cleaned up, and other sundries items done, and it was a nice day to do it as a bonus.  Thanks to Jim and Dolores, Maureen, Lynn, Linda, Ottlie, Elsie, Henry, Josh, Sandra and others.  Prior to the weekend Linda and Martha planted the flowerbeds and vases.  The Church looks great thanks everyone who pitched in.  (If I missed anyone, I apologize.)


The new church sign went up.  As Ron noted, Larry and Wayne are now officially retired.  Thanks Andrea for spearheading this job.  The sign looks great.

The acoustic panels should be going up in July or August.  Prior to doing that, we will need to paint the gym.  We have considered using volunteers but we also need to paint above the stage so we will probably be going with a painter.  I have estimates for this work and also for the outside of the parsonage and should be awarding it shortly.

As always there are other tasks and projects that come up.  If you notice anything that needs work let me and/or Eric know.


Respectively submitted,

David Kraatz

Director, Church Properties