Grace Lutheran Church

Properties have been busy, or rather trying to busy, over the summer.

One of our projects was replacing of the furnaces for the Education Wing. (One furnace has been a continual problem – and continues to be. It has been repaired 3 or 4 times, works for a month then something else gives out). Over the summer we received two proposals for replacement and were working with one firm to do the replacement. Every time we get close something else pops up – issues with the flue, issues with clearance, now the biggest problem remediation. We had testing done which confirmed our worst assumptions and received an estimate to do the remediation. All these issues have set us back significantly. Instead of replacing all the furnaces in one go so late in the season, I think we may only replace the problem furnace (which is not easy as a new flue needs to be installed). Hopefully we can get this done soon, in the meantime band aids (on the furnace) and sweaters.

We also received proposals to replace the Church furnaces located in the basement. (Did you know the Church has 9 furnaces, 5 for the Education Wing located by the back door and another 4 located in the basement for the Church). This work is being deferred to the new year.

We have secured funding for an energy audit of the Church. Hopefully, we will have at least the preliminary recommendations for consideration by the November Voters' Meeting.

In early June I went on the Eco-Solar Home Tour. Two of the facilities highlighted were churches who recently added solar on their roofs, All Saints Lutheran in Castle Downs and St Paul's United in Belgravia. I have been in contact with each church and they are pleased with the energy savings. (St Paul's believes they are now Net-Zero.) We have opened discussions with a supplier with the possibility of adding PV (solar cells) to the roof. Hope to have an estimate by the Voters' Meeting.

The roof replacement is on hold till 2019. There may be some recommendations in the energy audit to increase the insulation on the roof. Currently the insulation levels are nominal at 2”. And if the numbers work for adding solar this may also proceed.

Please plan to attend the Voters' Meeting Monday, November 26th. The items noted above will be discussed further.

As always there are other tasks and projects that come up. If you notice anything that needs work let me and/or Eric know.

In this month of remembrance please remember all the members of our armed forces that have give their lives for us in service to our country.

Respectfully submitted,
David Kraatz
Director, Church Properties