Grace Lutheran Church

With the warmer weather upon us Properties is proceeding with our extensive works program. We have 4 major projects scheduled this summer as follows:


- Replace the furnaces, 5 in the Education Wing, 4 for the Sanctuary and we have added the parsonage as well. Going along with the furnaces are new hot water tanks. Part of this project is the remediation of the asbestos in the Education Wing furnace room. The new furnaces will be installed this month or July.


- Replace the shingled roofs. In early May we received 5 bids – a little more pricey than we hoped, but… this work should be proceeding as you read this.


- Installation of photo-voltaics (solar cells) onto the south roof. This will proceed after the roof is reshingled, probably late July/August.


- Reconstruction of the Boehm’s front steps.


The PV and furnace upgrades are part of the “Greening of Grace”. We will keep you in the loop as to the savings we achieve.


The last weekend in May we had our annual Spring Cleaning Bee. A big thanks to all who pitched in to help!


As always there are other tasks and projects that come up. If you notice anything that needs work let me and/or Eric know.


Everybody, have a great summer!!


Respectively submitted,

David Kraatz

Director, Church Properties