Board of Church Properties

Not sure winter is ever going to let go its grip.  I am writing this on April 12th and looking out at two feet of snow in my backyard.  (At least the days are longer.  Too bad we really can’t enjoy outside yet.)  Maybe by the time you read this we will have jumped right over spring into summer! 

Winter was not kind to us in Properties.   One furnace has continually broken down over the winter (at least 4 times, and with service calls each time).  This one will need to be replaced in the summer, and maybe a couple more.  We also had ice dams form on the roof between the Sanctuary and parsonage with water running in a couple of places.  Had to get a contractor out to clear the ice and remove the snow from the roof.  After crossing our fingers for a couple of years it looks like we will need to replace the roof.  Looks like Properties’ budgets are shot, and only 4 months into the new year.

With May arriving, it is time for the annual Spring Cleaning.  This is scheduled for the end of May, Saturday May 26th.  Keep an eye open for the poster.

As always there are other tasks and projects that come up.  If you notice anything that needs work let me and/or Eric know.

Get those golf clubs cleaned up and your walking shoes on your feet, summer can’t be too far away!  Get out and enjoy our summer!  (When it gets here.)

Respectfully submitted,
David Kraatz
Director, Church Properties