Board of Church Properties



We are heading into the long cold nights of winter after a glorious summer.  (It always seems so short.) Time to cuddle up in front of a roaring fire.


Properties has been busy over the summer.  After many false starts (over some 3 years) the acoustic panels in the gym are up.  We also painted the gym and replaced the carpet on the stage with vinyl planks.  It took a while but the final results look great.  (By the way we aren’t quite done.  Michael will be stripping the floor and redoing the finish.)  Thanks to everyone who helped, Ron, Andrea, Eric.  We also painted the exterior of the parsonage and the Church.   Unfortunately, we were unable to do the steeple base. That is a job for the new year.


There are still things to be done around the Church that I will be putting in my budgets for next year.  Come to the Voters Meeting in November.


As always there are other tasks and projects that come up.  If you notice anything that needs work let me and/or Eric know.


In this month of remembrance please remember all the members of our armed forces that have given their lives for us in service to our country.


Respectively submitted,

David Kraatz

Director, Church Properties