Grace Lutheran Church

Our Faith


We believe that there is only one true God, Who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father is the creator of everything that exists. The Son is Jesus the Savior. The Holy Spirit inspired the entire Bible. It is the errorless Word of God that brings God's message of love and hope for all people. We accept that Scripture is accurately and faithfully interpreted in the documents contained in the Book of Concord.

More specifically:

" God created the first people, Adam and Eve. They were pure and holy, living according to God's will, doing what was pleasing to Him. They chose to go against God's will and brought sin into the world. All people since then have been born and lived in sin."

" Sin is missing the mark of God's will for all human kind. It expresses itself in our thoughts, words, actions. It breaks our relationship to God and there is nothing we can do to restore ourselves to God's favor. People cannot save themselves."

" God, the Father sent His Son Jesus into the world. Jesus was true God and became true man. He lived to fulfill God's law in our place. He died on a cross to pay the debt of our sin. He rose from death to open for us the way to life with God forever. He has ascended to heaven where He advocates for us with the Father."

" God graciously offers His Son's triumphant life and death to all people as a gift and would declare us righteous and forgiven. This is not by our deserving but freely given to all who believe in Jesus as their Savior. This faith is, itself, a gift of God, worked in us by the Holy Spirit. All glory for saving us belongs to God."

" God uses His Word, Holy Baptism, and Holy Communion to personally convey the benefits of Jesus' life, death and resurrection to all believers. These means of grace are freely available to all."

" Jesus will come again, at the end of the world's time, to take all believers to Himself. On that final day, all the dead will be raised. Those who are alive at that moment will be bodily transformed and join those coming with the Lord. The final judgment will take place. Believers will go into life forever with God. Unbelievers will be condemned to life forever away from God."

" The true Christian Church is made up of all believers of all time who believe in the Triune God and trust in Jesus Christ as their only Savior. God wants Christians to join together into churches that correctly teach God's Word, and administer Holy Baptism and Holy Communion according to the teachings of the Bible. Christians are to tell everyone that the only way to be saved is by faith in Jesus Christ and to show God's love in all that they say and do."