Board of Fellowship


Grace Congregational Picnic


Come One, Come All  …  to our congregational picnic on the front lawn from 3:30 pm to 7 pm on Sunday, September 17th.


The Fellowship Board will supply paper plates and cutlery, hotdogs, condiments, beverages and marshmallows. 


Sign up at the Fellowship bulletin board to share a dessert or salad. Bring your lawn chairs and roasting sticks.  If you have favorite lawn games to play, bring them too!


Kitchen Cleanup


All our members and guests are welcome to use the church kitchens while meeting or worshipping at Grace. 

We ask that cups, mugs, jugs, etc., be washed thoroughly with hot water and detergent if the dishwasher is not being used. 

Please dry and put away each item rather than placing them in the dish rack.  This way we can ensure all items are germ free and the kitchen is left clean and tidy. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation!