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Grace LWMLC would like to invite all women in the congregation to join us on Saturday, March 14 at 10am for Bible Study and a brief meeting. Please remember to bring your Mites.

We are also nearing the deadline for registering for the Concordia & Evergreen jointly hosted Retreat which will be held March 27-29 at Star of the North Retreat Centre in St Albert. Registration forms should be given to Doreen Christensen by February 15 if possible.  For those that are unable to attend the entire weekend, we are accepting one day registrations for Saturday, March 28. Full registration includes 2 nights accommodation and 6 meals for $225. Cost for one day registration includes 3 meals and retreat supplies and is $92. 


LWML Fund Raiser through M&M's Continues

Thanks to all who have contributed to the Mission Projects.  So far we have received $698.80.  On Sunday, November 17th we distributed more M&M tubes with the prayers attached.  Please see the coloured poster which features the projects that our LWML mites are supporting.  You can contribute cash or cheques to Grace Lutheran Church LWML through your envelopes or return the tube with your contribution. Please continue to pray that each project will receive the funds required to complete our goals!

LWML Congregational Christmas Project--SOCKS FOR THE ROCK

We invite all members of the congregation to help us collect men's winter socks which will be delivered to THE ROCK before Christmas.  Warm, dark coloured socks, especially men's sizes, are needed to give to the many individuals who gather at THE ROCK for meals and a break from the cold winter weather.  Drop them into the box at the glass doors.

Christmas Social on Monday, December 9th, at 6:00 p.m.

All ladies of the congregation are invited to the LWML Christmas Social.  We will enjoy appetizers and your special Christmas baking while we fellowship together.  A devotion on the symbols of Christmas and carol singing will be followed by the reveal of Prayer Pals from the past year.  If you need a ride please contact Maureen at 780-919-8409.  There is a sign up on the LWML bulletin board.


LWML Convention in Calgary

The 32nd Convention of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League-Canada for the Alberta-British Columbia District was held in Calgary June 20-22. I was able to attend as the delegate for Grace Society along with others from our congregation: Paddy Ann Peat, Karen Hildebrandt and Sherley Hearty (District Recording Secretary).

Attendance this year was around 100 people each day and every hour was filled with inspiration, information and wonderful fellowship opportunities.

Bible studies were led by Pastor Darren Dressler based on the convention theme from Philippians 2:2, "Then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose." The opening service on Thursday evening was led by 5 pastors who shared responsibilities of reading scripture, giving communion, praying for Christ's purposes being fulfilled in the convention and teaching us through the sermon titled, "Hopefully Devoted to You" based on Ruth 1:16-17. Reverend David Bode's message was that "Ruth's devotion to Naomi was unyielding, strong and a sample of purposeful devotion.

God is purposeful in his service to you and me, he does not lose sight of you and me and is lovingly devoted at all times. His loving devotion enables us to serve in purpose and spirit." I was able to sing in the convention choir, learning two songs: "If You Love Me" by Joel Raney and "One Bread, One Body" by John Foley.

Three offerings were collected during the convention. The first was given for the LWML-Canada Mission Grant Goal--$2214.25. The second was for The Rock- $2240.60 and the third went to Pastors with Alternate Training- $1932.05.

During the business sessions Officers were elected by acclimation and our own Karen Hildebrandt considered and accepted the challenge to fill the vacant position of Vice President, Communications for the next 3 year term!


We also voted on the Mission Grants which will be paid from our Mite offerings over the same 3 years. Look for our new list in September's Grace Vine and on the bulletin board display.


Guests speakers were varied, making us cry and laugh and realize how great is our God!


Paddy Ann Peat travelled with me and attended the information session for the 16 first time convention attendees and young women. An explanation of the LWMLC organization was likened to Russian nesting dolls starting with National, then District, then Zone, Society and finally Member.


The South Alberta Zone were hosts and did a wonderful job. Parkland Zone has issued an invitation to the next ABC District convention in 2022. Plan to attend!

Like me, you'll be glad you did.

Maureen Tiedemann


Grace LWML-C is collecting empty Tetley Tea containers with lids. Please save your empties and put in the labeled collection box. Thank you for your support.

Prescription Eye Glasses--Sharon Kluthe is now collecting  eye glasses brought into the church.  Prescription eye glasses are distributed by optometrists to people requiring vision correction in third world countries.   Clean out your drawers and bring in your old glasses!

Stamps--Sharon is also collecting stamps.  When you cut them from an envelope, leave a good 1/4 inch border around all sides.  These are eventually sold and the money is used as part of the L.W.M.L. mites, supporting any of the projects of the Alberta-British Columbia District.

Pop Can Tabs - Thanks to all the members who have been collecting pop can tabs over the last year.  On June 11th, Peter Wally of Leduc Lions Club, picked up 58 pounds of tabs from my house.  A huge contribution was made by Orest and Carole Baron who bring them back from their winter home in Arizona.  Peter is going to bring us 10 pails for those members who are really serious about snapping the tabs off their beverage cans.  They will be available for you soon.  The sale of these tabs bring in funds to purchase wheelchairs for those people needing assistance with their mobility.  Keep it up, everyone!  This project is really worthwhile!

--Maureen Tiedemann

LWML Collections Boxes are in the Lobby Area


WHAT IS Lutheran Women’s Missionary League-Canada?

Lutheran.......... A body of believers, trusting in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Women’s........ Supporting women of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, in Canada, and around the world.

Missionary...... Reaching out with the Gospel to those in our homes, our churches, our communities, and our world.

League............ Organized into small groups (“societies”) within congregations, zones, districts, and nationally.

Canada............ An auxiliary to Lutheran Church–Canada with almost 3,000 members in societies in 230 congregations

THE MISSION of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada is to


  • GROW in God’s Word,
  • SERVE God’s people and
  • SHARE God’s Son

Our Mission: Equip, Motivate and Encourage Women

to Grow in God’s Word, Share God’s Son and Serve God’s people

Subscribe to Tapestry Magazine

Tapestry is a faith-based magazine written by women for women. If you would like to subscribe to Tapestry ($10/yr) please call the church office at 780 488 7967 or call Edna Abel at 780 489 3926. Tapestry is also available in an electronic version ($8/yr) sent by email. The subscription year runs from fall through to the next summer but partial year subscriptions may be purchased should you order a mid-subscription year.

General Information About the LWML-C
MOTTO: "Called to Serve" Deuteronomy 10:12

(The theme of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League-Canada.)

PURPOSE: Grace Lutheran Church's LWML-C carries out that motto by growing in God's Word and reaching out to others with the Gospel of Jesus through word and deed.

GOALS: The members of Grace LWML

•Promote mission awareness within the congregation.
•Support missions by contributing through MITE boxes.
•Host foreign and home missionaries and missionary speakers.
•Equip women for service through spiritual growth and personal development to serve others.
•Participate in mission efforts in the community.
•Support the work of the pastors of Grace congregation.
•Support the mission work of Alberta-British Columbia District LWML and of LWML-Canada.
GRACE LWML MEETS at 10:00 A.M. on the Saturday following the second Monday of each month. All women are welcome to attend and get acquainted with this group of mission minded members.