Grace Lutheran Church


“To proclaim in a warm and caring atmosphere” is a phrase that is part of our mission statement of Grace Congregation. Because of God’s amazing grace poured out on each of us in this congregation, we see evidence of this being shared amongst us in all activities that are carried out in the name of Christ within Grace Church. The people of Grace give of their time, talents and abilities, their financial support – all reflecting the Amazing Grace of God.

At the last board meetings, it struck us in the Stewardship meeting, that we would like to acknowledge all the dedicated service that is participated in and given in service to our congregation, and ultimately to God. Executive and board members meet monthly to plan the on-goings within our congregation as well as carrying it on outside our walls, into the community and the world. Many, many of these people have served for MANY years and on several boards over several years. Some have recently come “on board”. THANKS BE TO GOD for all of you!

On May 27th, Pastor Boehm and Andrea along with our church executive, board members and other interested members of Grace will have met in an envisioning retreat at the Providence Renewal Centre. The purpose of the retreat was to look at where we are as a congregation and how do we want to move forward. There will be reporting as to what was discussed and planned. We pray God’s Spirit move, guide and direct all. THANKS BE TO GOD for this opportunity.

Over the last few months, several people have stepped in and up to improve the entrances to Grace and bring about a warm welcoming entry. Bulletin boards were enhanced, arm chairs placed for comfortable waiting, greenery added. Throughout Lent, many participated in preparing soups and many tasty breads and there was opportunity to have conversation and time together in a warm and caring atmosphere, before going into service.

To provide a welcoming atmosphere to the Easter celebrations, two different teams stepped up to prepare special food offerings after each of the services. THANKS BE TO GOD!

This is just a short highlight of what goes on at Grace. There is so much more that goes on quietly, often unbeknownst and in the background – all reflection of the love of Christ within us. We do not neglect the gathering of ourselves together. That’s what each of us are called to do. One is good at this; another is good at that. Together we are good at serving because Jesus Christ first served us. THIS IS AMAZING, GRACE!

Look for some more encouraging Stewardship writings in future editions in the Grace Vine.