Grace Lutheran Church

Worship services are live streamed on the Internet.

Click on this link below for all services:
Grace Lutheran Livestream On YouTube 

Beginning Sunday, November 15 in-house services will resume at Grace Lutheran Church.
For those whose health does not permit them to return to public worship at this time, and for those who are not comfortable doing so, we will continue to offer livestreamed worship in the usual way. Those who attend in person are invited to stay for the
celebration of Holy Communion after the close of the online portion of the service.
Because case numbers are continuing to increase, all government-mandated public-health protocols for worship must be strictly followed by all who attend worship in person. These include:
• Mandatory mask-wearing at all times (except while receiving Communion)
• Hand sanitization upon entry and exit
• Physical distancing of at least 2 meters between members of different households
• No attendance by anyone who is experiencing the most common symptoms of COVID-19
(cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat)
• Pre-registration (no later than Saturday noon).
In addition, all attendees are encouraged to use the province’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool on
Sunday morning before coming to worship (it’s available here).
Council also approved re-opening of the Sunday-afternoon (Nuer) worship service, following a
meeting of all interested parties to discuss this matter.
Can you help prepare for, assist at, or clean up after in-person worship? We need 5 or 6 volunteers to
ensure that everything is ready and properly taken care of. Let Pastor Steve know! (Thank you!)