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The Grace Lutheran Sunday School sends our thanks to the Lord for the young smiling faces who join us each week at Sunday School and for the dedication of our teachers. We only have enough children and teachers for two classes right now – we want more! Please encourage children or grandchildren you know to join us.


This semester studies include stories in the New Testament exploring the lives of John and Jesus under the theme ‘God Sends His Son to Save Us’. We will have a special Sunday School lesson on December 30th before new semester of lessons which begin on January 6th.


If you are available to help with teaching or assisting in the classrooms, or if you have innovative ideas for us to learn God’s Word, please contact Corinna Mulyk (Box 250 or




Fall programs are in full swing at Grace with many opportunities to learn and grow in our faith and learn of our Saviors’ love for his people.                                         

Opportunities available are: Sunday School, Youth Groups, Seniors Groups, Ladies Groups and Bible Study groups.

When to begin teaching God’s Little Lambs about Jesus?
It can begin as soon as they start moving about.

By placing scripture in their hands very early. For example, use Bible story booklets, books, Bibles, having family home devotions, showing them family Christian movies, taking them to church regularly, Sunday School, and youth groups. There are many opportunities for children to grow in their faith. This time of year is a good time to order family devotion material.

The Library & Christian Resources will commence in the coffee room on the 3rd & 4th Sunday of each month.

On Nov. 4, Sunday School will be observing Reformation with crafts and snacks.

In his Service 
Christian Education Director, Linda Grohn

Church Office : 780 488 7969

Christian Education – Linda Grohn Mailbox 149



Sunday School Update, August 7th, 2018

I am so thankful to report that the call for help has been answered! Corinna Mulyk has agreed to serve as the Sunday School Superintendent and is already getting organized to contact teachers and support staff  for their first meeting.  The following people have committed their time and talents to support the children of Grace:

Lona Loken, Christian Loken, Grace Dearing,  and Karen Krysa have specific tasks.  Lona, Christian, Karen, Robert Tiedemann, Linda Grohn and Fantasy Tiedemann are teaching classes and/or assisting. Others like Sherley Hearty and Lorraine Kalmbach are lending a hand as specific tasks come up.

After the wonderful success of the Vacation Bible School in July, I became aware of the number of grandparents who brought their little ones for this special week of Bible stories, crafts, songs and games.  I include myself in this group as I was so pleased to have my son in law, Mark McCormick, come from Riverbend Lutheran Church to lead our games.  He brought his daughter, Arianna to help him, and Mark joined the upper grade class.  Other members who brought their grandchildren include: Martha Feculak,  Kim Goertzen, Linda Grohn, Ottilie Woytkiw, and Debbie  Goertzen.  These children may not be able to attend each Sunday during the school year, but as long as they have opportunity to join us on occasion, we know that their positive experiences from V.B.S. will encourage them to come whenever they are able.

Please pray for each person in the Sunday School team, as well as for each parent and grandparent. The lessons taught at Grace bring special knowledge and understanding of the love of Jesus and how our lives can demonstrate our response to His great love.

In His Service,
Maureen Tiedemann


VBS was a wonderful success this year!  The theme of the week was: God’s Promises on Life’s Wild Ride.  We learned that:

1. God is with us as He was with Baby Moses to protect and save him from being killed.

2. He gives us life as He gave the Children of Israel new life in the promised land when God led them through the Jordan River on dry ground. 

3. He is faithful-yes He is!  Just as God was faithful in healing Naaman of leprosy by bathing seven time in the  Jordan River.

4. He gives us hope, just as He gave words of hope to Paul when the ship broke apart on the stormy sea.  Paul didn’t doubt.

5. He is our Saviour.  Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River to prepare salvation for us.  We are saved by Him and given eternal life with Him in our baptism and faith in Jesus. 


The week was busy with activities.  During recreation time, the children were mainly outside playing some very interesting, creative games that reflected the lessons of the day.

We had 21 amazing helpers, 23 children registered, with an average attendance of 20 children a day. 

Snacks consisting of cookies, fruit, and juice were enjoyed by the children and gave them lots of energy to play! 

At Vacation Bible School,  we opened each morning in worship with songs and a Bible reading that reflected the theme of the day and Luther’s Morning Prayer.  The children were quickly able to join in the Morning Prayer together without little to no prompting.
The children collected $238.05, which will be sent to Lutheran Bible Translators to help people in other parts of the world, particularly Africa, be able to receive God’s Word in their own language.  The children had a Skype visit with Vicar Travis Heide about his time in Nigeria earlier this year. 
We concluded the week with a special lunch, an outdoor slip & slide and water balloon games.

Special thanks go to:

  • Everyone who donated snacks for the children
  • Bible Bookmarks-Laminated by Lorraine Kalmbach

Our helpers this week were:

¨ VBS Coordinator-Linda Grohn

¨ Registration-Laura Tanasychuk

¨ Opening Leader-Martha Feculak

¨ Music-Pastor Curtis

¨ Nursery Helpers-Laura Wandio, Fantasy Tiedemann, Tina Keeble, Kim Goertzen, Deb Goertzen, and Nyadeet Jany

¨ Story Teller-Laura Tanasychuk

¨ Story Teller Helper-Carole Baron

¨ Bible Challenge-Christian Loken (Leader), Kong Gethuoth and Shane Loken (helpers)

¨ Games-Mark McCormick (Leader), Arianna McCormick and Evan Yasinsky (Helpers)

¨ Snacks-Gertie Love (Leader), Otillie Woytkiw, Trudy Engelen, and Corinne Yasinsky

¨ Crafts-Linda Grohn (Leader), Sherley Hearty (Helper)

¨ Floater-Maureen Tiedemann

¨ Assisting Decorating-Tiedemann family

¨ Photography-Collette Smith & Grace Dearing

¨ Thank you to all who helped with VBS in any way!  We hope we haven’t missed any names but if we did, know that your help was greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, the Christian Education Board & VBS Co-ordinator