Grace Lutheran Church

We are looking toward the spring and summer seasons

in education. 

Sunday School at beginning of June are planning a special

“Congregational Baptism celebration” with lunch to follow.

We will be having some openings in our Sunday School for

the positions of superintendent, teachers and students to

be enrolled in our fall program. The superintendent position

needs to be filled by June.


The VBS Program  “ Miraculous Mission: Jesus Saves the World” is scheduled for the week of July 15th.
Registration started in the beginning of May.

Contact: Church Office 780 488 7967 or

Christian Ed. Dir.  Linda 780 349 5802 Mailbox #149 to register.

Children will be learning about God’s plan of salvation

from creation to the cross.

It will be an exciting opportunity for the children.

Registration Fee is $10:00.

Next VBS meeting - June 10th @ 7:00 pm

There are many ways in which we can serve in God’s Kingdom

- sharing the Gospel.

We will be needing a variety of leaders for VBS.

Volunteer Leaders needed are:

Opening / Closing & Music Leaders

Nursery Leader

Recreation Leader

Volunteer Helpers needed are:






Kitchen ( Snacks & Lunch )

Drivers – Pickup / Drop off

(Northeast & Southeast)



Library and Resource Center

Located in the Gym – Coffee Room 3rd and 4th Sunday each month

In His Service

Christian Education Director

Linda Grohn



The Grace Lutheran Sunday School is looking for more teachers to assist with lessons beginning in September 2019. If you are able to assist, or would like more information, please contact Corinna Mulyk (mailbox #250 or  

This semester we will be studying stories in the New Testament, and exploring the life of Jesus under the theme ‘Jesus Shows He is True God’. Please encourage the children you know to join us at 10 am each Sunday in the church basement.

We are also looking for a new Superintendent of the Sunday School, beginning in September. If you are looking for an opportunity to lead in service to the Lord, please contact Linda Grohn.
God bless,
Corinna Mulyk – Sunday School Superintendent



Starting in March we are teaching how Jesus shows he is true God. The lessons being taught on the Miracles of Jesus is taken from John chapter 2, to chapter 9.

In Sunday School we are encouraging the children to look at their baptism and celebrate the day they were baptized.

The Sunday School will soon choose a mission project for offering to go towards.

We welcome all children from the congregation and visiting to attend Sunday School. In Sunday School the children study the Bible Stories, pray, look into the catechism, sing, and do crafts. 

The winter season is upon us – a time for studying God’s word.

Bible studies are in progress.

Central area  home Bible study is on Thursday 10am at Marg Klingbeil’s home.

West end home Bible Study is at Maureen Tiedemann’s home on Monday 1:30pm on the Book of Proverbs.

Thursday morning Bible study is at Grace Lutheran in the Social Room at 10am and it is on the last chapter of John.

Tuesday evening Bible Study on Narnia and Lenten study is at Grace Lutheran at 7pm led by Pastor Drewin.

Spring Quest course is being held on Tuesdays at the Seminary starting on March 19 until April 9th from 7-9pm entitled Heroes and Heretics in the Early Church. To register call Kathy Budgell 780 474-1468 ext. 225

VBS 2019 Miraculous Mission: Jesus Saves the World. is scheduled  for July 15th. Children will be learning about God’s plan of salvation from creation to the cross. It will be an exciting learning opportunity for the children.

There are many opportunities at Grace to grow in your faith. Check out areas for programs that are available and running such as the Grace Vine, poster boards, Sunday bulletin insert or check in at the church office.

Library Resource Center in Coffee Room is on the 3rd and 4th Sunday after Church Services. Many resources will be available for families to grow in their faith. 

In his Service 
Christian Education Director, Linda Grohn

Church Office : 780 488 7969

Christian Education – Linda Grohn Mailbox 149