Christian Education

Christian Education

Come and Help Your Faith Grow—in Bible Study!

Now’s the time. At your end, maybe you’ve been waiting for a chance to sink your roots down deeper into the Bible so you can both refresh and broaden your understanding of what you really believe and why. At our end, we as your pastors have been waiting since the pandemic began for a chance to lead this kind of group discussion. Now’s the time to make it happen!

Here’s the plan. Pastor Steve is going to lead an online Bible study called “Faith That Grows” on Zoom, on Wednesday evenings, beginning on January 13. We’ll meet from 6:30 to 8:00 PM for ten weeks. By that point, anybody who has never been baptized, or is not confirmed in the Lutheran church, will be eligible for those outcomes—if they wish. There’s no obligation whatsoever. Those who are already baptized and confirmed will also benefit from these conversations as a “refresher course,” reinforcing what they previously learned.

The course is still taking shape but is likely to include sessions on God, the Bible, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the devotional life, the church, living our faith, and eternal life. For each of these topics, there are two goals: to survey what the Bible teaches, and to grapple with our questions. To meet those goals, these sessions will not be lectures but discussions aimed at adult learners.


Watch Grace Notes for more information, and feel free to mention this opportunity to anyone you know who might be interested. Pastor Steve is eager to answer questions and encouragement: (587) 983-6692 or



Sunday School Update

During the pandemic, while in-person Children’s Ministry programming has been suspended, the children and pre-teens of Grace have been receiving devotional magazines to support spiritual growth at home. Happy Times, published bi-monthly, is designed for pre-schoolers and their parents. Each colourful issue contains stories, songs, recipes and fun craft and game ideas. My Devotions is published quarterly for kids aged 8-12; it contains devotions designed to build the habit of daily Bible exploration, as well as prayer and journal prompts and puzzles. Both magazines are issued by Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, and follow the liturgical calendar. 

Laura Tanasychuk

Confirmation Class Update

On Saturday, October 24, the confirmation class resumed getting together. We met in the gym, with about half of the children able to attend. We agreed upon a pattern of meetings for the fall, winter and spring where we will gather in person once per month, on a Saturday morning, and meet online on Thursday afternoons in between those meetings. So far the students have completed projects exploring their Baptisms, and we are beginning a unit on the Ten Commandments. 


Of course, this format is not nearly as fun nor engaging as our retreat-based format last year, which everyone misses. It’s a constant challenge to help all 11 confirmation students to be involved, and communication just isn’t the same when we are not in the same room. However, like everyone has had to learn to do, we are making the most of things. If the guidelines around gatherings change in the new year, we may look for additional in-person learning opportunities. 


If you would like to bless the confirmation class in a special way by preparing a snack for them to enjoy during one of the upcoming Saturday in-person classes, you are most welcome to do so! The December gathering will be on Saturday, December 19. In the new year, we will be gathering on January 16, February 13, and March 13, and will be setting more dates beyond March as we get closer. If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Pastor Curtis.

Quinn and Evan Yasinsky, Tanekeel Kay, Chiang Gany, and Kara Boehm on November 21, 2020. The class also includes Nyajane Dhour, Diw Diw, Nyanasir Kuek, Bipal Bol, Nyabiel Jany, and Nyawuda Nyang