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Sept. 4/16, text: Deut. 30:15-20, theme: “It’s About Choices”

Choices – we make them every day.  Some are easy, some are difficult but not always for the same reasons.  Choosing whether or not to trust mom or dad to help you free that loose baby tooth can be pretty scary.  My uncle once told me to tie a string around it, tie the string to a door handle and then slam the door shut.  Well I never did think that a measly twenty five cents from the tooth fairy was a sufficient reward for attempting such foolishness.  And then there’s your decision to start some exercise or diet program.  Deciding it is one thing - doing it is another when you’d rather just stay in bed, or when you get home from work prefer to put your feet up, watch the news or have a nap rather than head off to the gym or out for a walk or little run.  Choosing between a slime green health food smoothie even if it has kale, spinach and broccoli and my favourite cookies or cake – well I can tell you that wouldn’t be difficult at all.  Choices – some easy – some hard but they are a part of everyday life from the moment you choose to get out of bed to the time you decide to return.  Some are big.  Some are small but all in some way have an impact on the present and future.

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Our Church

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In faithfulness to God's word (Acts 1:8), the mission of Grace Lutheran Church is "To proclaim in a warm caring atmosphere the good news of God's love and forgiveness in Christ to the people of our congregation, our community and the world."

Grace Lutheran Church Edmonton Alberta

Parking is available at Connelly-McKinley Funeral Home on Sunday mornings. Please park on the south end of the large east parking lot unless otherwise posted. Our thanks to Connelly McKinley for the privilege of using their parking lot.

Faces of Grace
We have a new and updated picture wall at Grace!  The only catch is that you need to bring your own picture :)  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but please bring in a 4x6 picture of you and your family (labelled with everyone’s names) and add it to our wall.  Thanks for your support!

New Sign for Church

We have a committee of people working on getting a new sign to replace the outdated one on the church lawn.  It is not as simple a job as one might think!  First we have to decide on what information should be on the sign.  Then decisions about design and size and materials.  After that we look for a company to help us in the manufacturing of something beautiful!  Rest assured, the process is underway and the new sign will be beautiful, up to date and easy to read for our neighbours!


Our Faith

We Believe

We believe that there is only one true God, Who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father is the creator of everything that exists. The Son is Jesus the Savior. The Holy Spirit inspired the entire Bible. It is the errorless Word of God that brings God's message of love and hope for all people. We accept that Scripture is accurately and faithfully interpreted in the documents contained in the Book of Concord.
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Pastor's Page - October 2016

Here We Go!
That’s how I often feel at the beginning of  September. Here we go back to school! Here we go back to work. Here we go back to a routine that starts with crisp fall weather, turning leaves, and too soon will plunge us into snowy days and months of winter. Sorry, it had to be said.

Here we go also into another season of ministry at Grace Lutheran Church. It promises to be an eventful year! As you look ahead, what is on the horizon for you? What projects and plans are you developing? Or if you find yourself in a season of change, perhaps exploring what life is like in retirement, how will you spend the time you are given?

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Issues Etc. Christ-Centered Cross-Focused Talk Radio
Reformation Week October 24 - 28
This year's Reformation Week theme is Luther's Inner Circle featuring the stories of Luther's Father Confessor Johannes von Staupitz, Luther's Fellow Reformer Philip Melanchthon, Luther's Pastor Johannes Bugenhagen, Luther's Princes Frederick the Wise, John the Steadfast and John Frederick and Luther's Wife Katharina von Bora.  Our guests will be Dr. Markus Wriedt, Dr. Ken Schurb, Dr. Kurt Hendel, Pr. Paul McCain and Dr. Martin Treu. 
Click on the link below for a promotional video outlining topics covered:

Congregational Christmas Banquet
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Continuing Education Mid-Week Evening Bible Studies

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New Fieldworker - Michael Mayer
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Restructuring of Lutheran Church - Canada

Retirement Banquet for Pastor Larry MacKay

"Gratefulness for the Blessing of Neighbours and Friends"
Refugee Update - Oct. 2016
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Fund-raising Drive for Concordia Seminary Students
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The Rock requires more volunteers to help with our Community Breakfasts in the inner city.
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LCC Restructuring:Nine Insights on the Survey
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At the February Voters' Meeting the following motion was approved: "That Grace Lutheran Church in partnership with Bethel Lutheran Church, initiate a special mission project to pursue the blended sponsorship of a refugee family ...
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