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    Pastor's Page February 2020

    January 19, 2020

    So, When Would You Contact Your Pastor, Anyway?

    You call your doctor when you have an earache. You call your dentist when you break a tooth. You call the plumber when… Well, you get the point. But when should you call your pastor? 

    Probably the most obvious time to call your pastor is when you’re experiencing a crisis or emergency of some kind. Pastor Curtis, Pastor Steve, and Pastor James are ready to come and help you through whatever the difficulty is: hospitalization, marriage trouble, family problem, legal difficulties, you name it. It’s true that a pastor may not be able to fix or resolve the immediate problem itself. But they’re well prepared to accompany you along the road, supporting you with prayer, Christian conversation, and sometimes also the Lord’s Supper, as they share your load.

    You don’t have to wait for a crisis, though, to reach out. Our pastors are also happy to share with you in life’s celebrations. A special birthday or anniversary? Let them know, so they can give thanks with you. Moving into a new home? They’re available to come and share a house-blessing with you. Other good news? They’d like to celebrate it with you too!

    For many reasons, ordinary times are also good times to invite one of our pastors over for a meal, or coffee, or a visit. Their preaching—and their prayers—grow as they get to know you and your family better. And of course you can get to know them better too through an “ordinary” visit. It doesn’t have to be long: a quick visit at your home, or a latte at Tim Horton’s, is all it takes to break the ice and get things going.

    Is something bothering you? Maybe you wonder what the Bible says about a particular topic. Or you might not be sure you fully agree with what it says. Or: how come we never seem to talk about certain issues—in our congregation, in the wider church, or in the world? Depending what it is you’re wrestling with, our pastors may or may not have a good answer. But they’re certainly willing to help you think things through as best they can, and offer you the benefit of their experience and insight.

    There are several good ways to contact our congregation’s pastors. The easiest way is by calling their personal cell-phones.  You can obtain their personal cell-phone numbers by contacting the Grace Lutheran Church office.  

         Church office (780-488-7967)
         If they’re not in, you’re welcome to leave a message.

    Their office hours vary quite a bit. Pastor Curtis is often available around the church during the daytime. Pastor Steve will usually be in the office Tuesday through Friday mornings and at some other times as well. Because of Pastor James’s work schedule, it’s best to call and make an appointment to see him.

    As well, by emailing the Grace Lutheran Office your message can be forwarded to the Pastor's individual email.
         Grace Lutheran Church office email: 

    All three of our pastors are not only ready but eager to serve you however they can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any or all of them, as you see fit, so they can get to know you better and help and serve you with God’s own care. 

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