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    Pastor's Page - December 2016

    November 18, 2016

    Have you ever moved to a new place, and been greeted by a friendly neighbour? Perhaps it was something official, like a “Welcome Wagon” representative with a basket of gifts or maybe it was a simple “hello” from someone living across the hall. First impressions are powerful, and so is being part of the welcoming committee.

    For the last two years we have been watching as a high rise was built just a few blocks away from Grace Lutheran. The Hendrix building includes 260 separate rental units which will soon be home to some new neighbours.

    We’re inviting them (along with thousands of other neighbours in Oliver) to come and discover what Jesus is doing among us at Grace Lutheran Church. The Hendrix puts welcome bags into each new home, and they’ve agreed to include our 2016 Christmas invitation postcard as part of the package. We’ve produced some 5000 of these cards which cordially invite our neighbours to come Christmas carolling with us on December 9, to enjoy our Sunday School Christmas program (on December 18 at 11:00 am) the Community Carol Sing (On December 18 at 3:00 pm) and of course to join us in celebrating our Saviour’s birth on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Who knows how many invitations will find their way into the homes of people who are looking for a warm, inviting community where they are cared for and encouraged to grow in faith!

    What about your neighbours? When was the last time you invited them to a meal, or hosted a party for your street? What about inviting them to come and hear the good news of Jesus? It can’t hurt to ask...and to make it easier for you, please feel free to take as many invitation postcards home with you as you want. Give them to your neighbours! We have plenty.

    As you share His love, may Jesus come gently and graciously into your homes this December, bringing His light and joy.

    Best wishes for the season of Advent from Pastor Curtis, Andrea, Kara, Jonas, and Judah Boehm



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