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    Pastor's Page - June 2019

    May 28, 2019 by Curtis Boehm

    Shared Spaces

    During the winter when it’s cold and dark, we stay inside much of the time, in private spaces. We live in houses, condos, behind doors that lock and in the comfort of our own homes. But during the summer months, Edmontonians come outside, and flock to shared spaces like parks, markets, streets, and squares. There are so many amazing shared spaces to enjoy in our city, and this presents an opportunity to meet new neighbours, joining in the conversation and sharing the gifts that God has given.

    When the Apostles came to Philippi, (Acts 16) they found such a shared space outside the city gate on the riverbank. It was a place where people gathered to wash clothes, share news, and draw water. Since nobody owned the river, it was a shared space, open to all. This was the birthplace of the Philippian church, one of the strongest early Christian communities. It was a place where God strategically located his people, to be visible and accessible to as many as possible.

    Where will you spend your time this summer? Why not become a regular patron of a shared space, whether that’s a cafe or a park bench, a farmers market or even your own front yard? You might not be the most outgoing person, and that’s ok. Just be visible! Bring the Joy of Jesus into the public sphere, and be ready with a simple explanation to anyone who asks about the hope that is in you! (1 Peter 3:15) After all, God can work wonders through the simplest of acts.

    See you outside…

    With love and celebration, from: 
    Curtis, Andrea, Kara, Jonas and Judah Boehm

    June 2019


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