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    Pastor's Page - November 2017

    October 17, 2017 by Curtis Boehm
    Re-structuring our National Church
    Last night Bruce Eidick, our head elder, and Pastor Larry and I flew back into Edmonton International Airport. We had been in Kitchener Ontario, for the 11th convention of Lutheran Church Canada since Friday morning. Walking through the sanctuary of Grace Lutheran Church this morning, I was thinking about what has changed and what will stay the same.

    Since the process of restructuring our national church has been ongoing for nearly two years, you might be familiar with some of the changes that had been proposed. The plan that came before the convention represented a significant centralization of leadership and authority. And though there were some major last minute revisions and also plenty of loose ends that we still need to sort through, the big news is that the plan passed.

    Our church now has a new structure. Rather than working through three districts (A-BC, Central and East) each of which was it's own corporation, Lutheran Church Canada will now function as a single corporation administering guidance and support for its members in three regions. There will be one board of directors, and the president will be assisted by an administrator who will be hired by the board to take care of most of the corporate affairs, letting the president focus on pastoral leadership.

    The convention also elected our church’s fourth synodical president, Rev. Timothy Teuscher of Stratford Ontario.

    There are many other details about our new structure which will become clear in the weeks, months, and years to come, as well as the significance those changes have in shaping our ministry together. Yet through it all, Grace Lutheran in Edmonton will strive to faithfully follow Jesus into mission and ministry as we serve him in this neighbourhood.

    Praise Jesus for his leadership and guidance in our church and may we continue to live in hope and joy together!

    Pastor Curtis Boehm


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