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    Pastor's Page September 2019

    August 20, 2019 by Curtis Boehm

    Under One Roof

    It’s hard to ignore the work being done on the church right now. Large scaffolds surround the sanctuary. The sound of hammering and moving materials around reminds us who are under this roof that it is being strengthened, and covered in a new protective layer of shingles. The price tag for this re-roofing project is enormous: more than one hundred thousand dollars! But come November, when the weather turns cold and the snow begins to fly, nobody will be questioning the wisdom of having a weatherproof roof. 

    As the work progresses, and I am reminded daily of the cost of this work, I am also led to reflect on why it is worth doing. It’s not just so that there can be a prettier looking skyline in Oliver ( even though I often notice how nicely our church building complements the apartment and condominium towers in the neighbourhood.) The roof provides a sheltered place for everything that happens under the roof. 

    We worship in here. Each week, the living Word of God is read and proclaimed, words of life that have significance in our lives of faith. The walls reverberate with the praises of God’s people, and that is no insignificant thing! 

    We also take care of one another in here. This is a safe place, where we can bring our lives to one another and hold each other’s cares and burdens. This is a place where people who have nowhere else to turn are welcomed and fed and clothed and given hope. 

    It’s not about the roof. It’s about everything that happens under the roof, and that is what has made Grace Lutheran unique and glorious over the years. 

    So here are two invitations: 

    First, you can help put the roof on! We have a shared responsibility to pay for the work being done, to ensure that our congregation and building are strong for generations to come. Please consider a generous one-time donation to cover the costs of our summer work. 

    Second, you can help to make ministry happen under the new roof. Your gifts and skills, your ideas, your time and energy, these are all vital parts of what makes Grace a vital congregation. Please participate in what you see happening, whether that is worship, Bible study, caring for confirmation students, teaching children, providing hospitality, serving the neighbourhood, or any one of many other projects you see or have a vision for. Together we are serving one another under this one roof and there is room for all. And together we share the financial responsibility. We must keep faithfully bringing our tithes, offerings, and gifts to sustain the work that Jesus is doing through us. 

    Thank the Lord and sing his praise! Tell everyone what he has done! 

    In faithful service, 
    Pastor Curtis, 
    Andrea, Kara, Jonas and Judah Boehm 


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